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Wakey wakey..... Let go of your snakey
TS is up and running again
Heyyyy... What's up with the teamspeak?
Yeah buddy
thanks for the warm welcome back
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It is like a reunion

[G] VenomSpit aGOA posted Jun 24, 16

It is nice to see many of the old Grunts make it back to the barracks.  Nemo came back, Sights did awhile ago, Magoo came back and it looks like Hammer is coming back to say hello.  

Right on!

[G] nemo1985us when does everyone normally get on I never see anyone on when I can get on

New Division

[G] VenomSpit aGOA posted Mar 17, 16

CrazyG is back in the Grunts and CentCom has giving him the reigns on leading the new PS4 Console division of the Grunts.

With the new division we have created a forum for it.  You will find it in the Barracks.

I look forward to their success and look forward to CrazyG stepping up and creating one hell of a division.

Carry on...

Hello all,

I greatly appreciate that financial support for our website and TS.  We can always use more when you are able.  

Thank you all!


[G] VenomSpit aGOA Keep up the donation guys! Thank you very much for the continued support.
[G] Crash aXO Please help out if you can!
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